A New Educational Method with the Help of Robots

"In this new educational method, children can build robots using a series of modules (a set of compact electrical components)," Ali Yaghmaei, group manager of a technology unit, told SinaPress. Children in this method first become familiar with the operation of electronic modules and with just a map and simple wiring, can build robots with no soldering.
He added: "These programs are designed in such a way that children do not need to learn coding. They only build their own robot program with pre-designed templates. Our main goal for children is to be able to learn artificial intelligence at a low cost and in a short period of time." 
He further stated: "Children and adolescents have a two-way relationship with building their own robot and can fulfil their desires without following the stereotyped patterns that are commonly used in robotics; This product is designed and planned so that children and adolescents are acquainted with the most advanced technologies in the world to be more creative."
He stressed over the importance of the mentioned issue and said: "Currently, electronics and software are two power determining factors in human societies, and through mechanics, great achievements would be obtained that can change the future of the world. In this project, children and adolescents first use mechanical techniques by making robots and then go-ahead using electronics and finally enter the programming."
He continued: "Legonic (name of robots in this program) is a new and practical design that can use electronic techniques, mechanics, robotics, programming and entertainment for children and adolescents from beginner to professional level. This product can completely turn to an exclusive production in the country's educational field by considering culture and history of Iran."
According to him, this program has been inspired by combining the content of several important and extensive topics of electronics, mechanics, robotics, programming and entertainment within an educational method for children and adolescents. These products have a great impact on the flourishing of creativity and development of children and prepare them to enter the world of modern technology.
Referring to the difference between this program and toys, he said: "Toys never interact with children. They are not programmable. They do not challenge the genius of children. Moreover, toys do not have the ability to be creative and are expensive. They have a short lifespan in the mind of children and belong to a certain age group. Also, the new models take over the old ones very fast. But this educational program with a variety of products can attract a wide range of audience in the community and becomes a part of our compatriots lives in the very near future."
"Undoubtedly, interactive robots will soon be an indispensable tool in families, and in according to the diverse needs of the people will be used in various fields such as education, expertise, and luxuries," he said. 
At the end, Yaghmaei said: "This program, as a modern and unrivalled educational tool, can bring a lot of financial turnovers, and make significant profits by entering the market, presenting new products, innovation and creativity, branding, advertising, and specialized marketing."
Interview by: Farzaneh Sedghi
Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah

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