Development of Tourism with Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Farid Javaherzadeh, the President of the Iranian Scientific Tourism Association, described the issue of artificial intelligence as one of the most dynamic and attractive sectors in the field of tourism in Iran and the whole world, and told Sina Press: Basically, one of the ways to develop tourism in the world is to use artificial intelligence. Today, the artificial intelligence, with the help of a series of data, software, or Internet systems have replaced the traditional methods of the tourism industry. 
He added: "Currently, throughout the world, these softwares and platforms have prospered many businesses in this industry by providing desirable services. Businesses should be able to use software and platforms to monitor and evaluate various types of financial, and interests of their customers and create different segments accordingly. Similarly, they need to do flexible pricing and somehow formulate their business strategies."
He also emphasised: "We have now been able to use artificial intelligence in our tourist field. Currently, many tourism centers and related industries in our country are looking to equip themselves with such processes and consult with providing companies."
In an interview with Sina Press, he said: "Currently, some new businesses, especially in the field of start-ups, have practically entered into this field and are now able to develop their activities with the help of artificial intelligence."
Javaherzadeh continued: "Although artificial intelligence is more or less used in Iran and we are far from the leading countries in this field, but today we can find less business in the field of tourism that can operate without the use of artificial intelligence."
According to him, in recent years, a number of centers for innovation, growth, and accelerators have been created and investment funds in IT have helped to create an innovative ecosystem in the field of tourism in Iran.
In the end, the head of the Iranian Scientific Tourism Association said: "This innovative ecosystem, in addition to being of great help in the field of skills development for managers and stakeholders especially entrepreneurs, updates a series of tourism activities and facilitates tourism service levels, and such benefits will eventually elevate the tourism industry."
Interview by: Farzaneh Sedghi
Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah

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